//Here you’ll find a selection of designer makers and indie brands we love… we’ll be updating these pages seasonally and when we can so to keep it fresh and new!//

//Welcome to the Hand Made X-Mas Gift Directory//

Here you’ll find a selection of beautifully designed original hand made products by some of the most talented designer makers and indie brands. This year things will be a little bit different and although I can’t say that I’ll miss the last minute dash to the shops I will miss the buzz of the yearly seasonal markets! So many designer makers rely on this time of year for sales to empower them to continue following their dreams during the rest of the year and so we thought we’d showcase a few that we love plus they all have online shops so it really couldn’t be easier to get those gifts to your loved ones. And the best of it all is that you can go away with a warm fuzzy feeling that you are in fact helping a real person and not a huge soulless online retailer!

So go forth and buy hand made, purchase from small independents and share the love because if we don’t support these creatives they won’t be able to continue to make our world that much more beautiful… links are in the captions below the images, just click and shop!

We wish you a happy Yule and may next year be brighter and happier for us all.