//Craft has changed a lot since the days when painted macaroni glued on card was all the rage!//

//Craft is no longer considered a small-time cottage industry, today's designer makers are a generation of modern, slick and savvy entrepreneurs. 
With almost 20 years of experience under our belt of working within the craft industry we are confident that we can help you with your basic business needs and empower you with the tools you'll need to compete in a major modern economical trend!
Craft is big business and there's no sign of it going away!
Whether your a designer makers looking for some crowd funding tips or a business who needs to add a bit of creative thinking to their company...Get in touch... we can make it work for you!//


//Creativity can help your business flourish!//

 //Want to add a bit of Crafty magic to your event? Get in touch as our team are ready and able to help you organise and make your event a success!//

//With years of experience ranging from press junkets, book launches to seminars Craft Guerrilla will help you add a bit of interactive making fun to your event which will delight your visitors and guests!//


// Social Media Management//

//With our expertise in social media we'll get you confidently started on-line.
So if you need to know how to optimize your online social presence then we can help you sort out your tweets from your posts!
Getting you started is simple and we have several packages available from a beginners crash course to a full on management deal using your existing accounts to their full potential. Get in touch for rates or look out for specific short courses and seminars on our events page.//


//Designer maker exclusive packages//

//Want to launch your brand in a fast moving hand made market? We can help you from logo design,branding,press release and promo... our friendly team will help you get started in the big hand made world!

//Our job is all about supporting and nourishing talent, empowering designer makers with the confidence to go forth and conquer their business demons.
Success can be just around the corner and we'll show you how to get there with the help and advice from us and industry insiders too through courses, talks, special one off events and our one to one mentoring sessions.//


//Work with us//

//Want to work with us as a craft educator-tutor? We're always on the hunt for talented people which we can add to our pool of creatives. Basically we work like an agency and get you gigs! We operate nationwide (UK) so if you are ready to offer the Craft Guerrilla Workshops within your community or travel to surrounding areas then please apply via e-mail.//


//Contact us for further information and rates. e mail: craftguerrilla@yahoo.com //