//Press Office: e-mail Deborah for press release,info and high res images craftguerrilla@yahoo.com//


//We can't mention every single publication, blog, article etc we've been in but thank you all that have featured us! We'd need a whole site dedicated to our promo... But here is a small selection of where we've been featured//

//Evening Standard's Homes and Property 2nd of April issue//

//"Walthamstow Community Times" July issue//

//Time out issue Aug.28 - Sept.03 2008 "Sew Long Good Buy" event//

//As part of the E17 Art Trail our DIY craft event is in the...Time Out web site//

//Thank you to our friends at "prick your finger"// http://prickyourfinger.blogspot.com/2008/09/hearts-for-heartless.html


//Time Out No.1991 October 16-22 2008//


//Waltham Forest Guardian: Thursday March 12th 2009//


//Style will save us//




//The Style Collective//


//Amelias Magazine May 2009//


//Electric sheep podcast episode 7 " Whales and Guerrillas"  May 2009//

//Quick & Crafty issue 59 May 2009//
The Craft Guerrilla are featured in Q&C's May edition "Community Spirit" a guide to national craft groups, ambitious crafters and communities coming together and taking over the UK!



//Cut-Click Issue 8 May 2009//



for a PDF of Cut-Click issue 8 click visit www.cut-click.co.uk

//Qype interview:7th May 2009 Lisa Margreet//
Our own Craft Guerrilla Lisa Margreet is interviewed for the Qype London Blog!


//July 2009 Domestic Sluttery// http://www.domesticsluttery.com/2009/07/crafty-fun-craft-guerrillas-crafternoon.html


 //D.I.Y. City Mag The London Edition//

D.I.Y. City Mag
London Edition (PDF version available to download on their web site)


//Time Out no.2034 August 13-19 2009//




//Time Out issue 2036 Bank Holiday Hot Five events/Carnival issue web and magazine//


//Brighter Sparks October 2009//
Brighter Sparks Blog

//Bury Free Press//



//Living Etc. October 2009 edition//




//The Londonist blog October 2009//


//Time Out Christmas Fairs List December 2008//



//BBC2 News Night December 3rd 2009//

//Pica pica issue 1 April 2010//

//May 2010 Craftsville //

//June 2010 Postal Heritage Museum blog //



//June 2010 Creative Boom//



//September 2010 Etsy //

//October 2010 Cross Stitcher Magazine//


//NOVEMBER 2010 CraftNation.com//
Craft Nation video interview link

//November 2010 Making Magazine issue 2//


//Autumn 2010 Modart//


//Autumn 2010 Indie Craft by Jo Waterhouse,Laurence King Publishers//



//November/December 2010 Hobby Craft Magazine Christmas Edition (click on the image below for a pdf of the article)//


//Arteast17 issue 1 Oct  2010//



//December 2010//


//December 2010 Walthamforest Guardian//


//January 2011 Cloth Magazine Blog //


 //January 2011 Walthamstow Scene//


//March 2011 The Independent on Friday//


//2011 issue 269: Mr. Partner Magazine Japan//



//June 2011 Purl About Town blog//


//July 2011 Time Out blog//



//August 2011 Northern Ireland Craft//


//August 2011 London Derry Sentinel//



//May 2012 Sew Hip Magazine//



//Issue 15 June 2012 Mollie Makes Magazine//



//Check out the Craft Guerrilla You Tube channel://



Valentine's Craft Night at The Make Lounge from Qype UK on Vimeo.